19 DOCK ROAD - BP BUILDING (V&A Waterfront)

Project Year

From 2015

19 Dock Road - BP Building (V&A Waterfront)

4 Star Green Star SA - Existing Building Performance Pilot (Achieved)

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The BP office building forms part of the V&A Waterfront Precinct. It was completed in 2005 and won the SAPOA Award for innovative office development in the same year. The building consists of three levels of office space allowing for an occupancy of approximately 600 people, and two levels of basement parking containing 357 parking bays. There are two distinct garden areas on the building site. The V&A Waterfront precinct has over 24 million visitors per annum and is Africa’s most visited destination. Approximately 16000 people work within the precinct.

Sustainable building features include:

  • High performance building façade and skylights, including optimal positioning of glazing and shading devices, rooflights, double glazing, and light shelves
  • Sustainable building materials used (timber flooring from a certified plantation, carpets made from 100% recycled material)
  • Electrical sub-metering for all high energy uses (chillers, pumps, lighting and small power etc.)
  • Energy efficient lighting design, with atrium roof lights and light shelves to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  • Lighting controls in the form of occupancy and daylight sensors High performance chilled water plant
  • Air handling units operate with economy cycle
  • Water recycling systems in the form of rainwater and greywater harvesting for use in irrigation and ablutions
  • Water efficient fittings in kitchens and WC’s
  • Water metering to enable monitoring and leak detection
  • Two distinct garden areas with indigenous (water- wise) vegetation
  • Effcient drip-irrigation system
  • Rooftop solar and photo voltaic system
  • Intelligent BMS monitors and controls the heating/ cooling, ventilation and water usage for chillers
  • Precinct-wide:
    • green travel plan to promote sustainable transport for staff working within the precinct
    • sustainable procurement and purchasing policies and procedures
    • sustainable groundskeeping practices
  • An innovative approach to precinct-wide:
    • maintenance by making use of electric maintenance vehicles
    • waste minimisation by introducing a tenant waste tarrif, whereby tenants are penalised financially for not separating waste at source
    • landscape waste management by making use of an on-site composting facility, where the compost generated is used on site
    • building and site management by operating a telephonic helpdesk system, whereby building occupants provide instantaneous feedback on any issues
    • landscape management wheeby all invasive alien vegetation is removed, and building staff are educated on the negative environmental effects of alien vegetation