Project Year

From 2013

The Citadel

4 Star Green Star SA - Office Design v1 (Achieved)

4 Star Green Star SA - Office As Built v1 (Targeting)

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Atterbury Property Holdings has appointed AGAMA to undertake the role of sustainability consultant for a new 5000m2 office development in Claremont, South Africa. The appointment includes the coordination and compilation of the submission documentation to achieve a 4 Star Green Star rating for Design and As Built using the Office v1 tool.

The Citadel is a commercial office building opposite Cavendish Shopping Centre in Claremont, Cape Town. The development consists of Ground and 5 floors of office space (approx. 5000 m2) and 4 parking basement levels for 228 cars. The building will be predominantly owner occupied. Demolition commenced May 2014, piling commenced September 2014, and construction commenced in January 2015 and is scheduled for practical completion in June 2016.

Sustainable building features include:

  • The water strategy included the use of low flow fittings and dual flush toilets. The project opted for an air-cooled system, reducing potable water demand.
  • Cyclist facilities have been provided enabling occupants to cycle to and from work. The building is situated close to mass transport routes, promoting the use of public transport, as well as being close to amenities.
  • Water and electricity meters measure and manage consumption. Compared to a standard building, The Citadel is calculated to reduce potable water by 28% p/d and energy by 33% p/a.
  • Fresh air rates are increased to 15.1l/s/person.
  • Within the office 71% of occupants have access to external views and in addition 30% have high quality daylight.
  • More than 90% of all steel sourced for the development is either recycled/reused steel, thus reducing embodied energy and resources. The site was previously developed limiting the ecological impact and measures were put in place to reduce the emissions of the development both during construction and operation.