Project Year

From 2015

Golf Air Park - Redefine (August 2015)

4 Star Green Star SA - Custom Industrial Rating Tool (Targeting)     


Redefine approached AGAMA Energy in early 2015 to assist in having their new industrial development, Golf Air Park, Green Star certified. Currently there is no Green Star rating tool for industrial developments. As a result, AGAMA Energy (in collaboration with Solid Green) was commissioned to develop a Custom Industrial Rating tool.

Sustainable building features targeted in Golf Air Park industrial development include:

  • High performing building envelope. Incorporation of external shading devices, high performing glazing and insulation. These reduce heat loss/gain out of and into the buildings. Therefore improving occupant comfort and reducing energy demands on HVAC;
  • Metering and monitoring. Metering of large energy demands, separately metering of lighting and power and all major water consuming items. All meters connected to a monitoring system including leak detection capabilities;
  • All offices/kitchen/bathroom areas to be individually switched (zones not exceed 100m²). All 'Industrial Space' lighting will be switchable to 35% of maximum power (achieved through switches and motion sensors)
  • Water efficiency. All water fixture and fittings will be low flow fittings. Rainwater harvesting for flushing of toilets and irrigation supply. Highly efficient irrigation design (drip irrigation, rain sensor, seasonal adjustment). Greywater harvesting for irrigation supply.
  • Stormwater runoff treatment to improve quality and reduce flow;
  • Reduction of urban heat island effect through installation of light coloured roof and hard standing materials
  • Green Lease. Min 80% of tenants to participate in the following environmental initiatives:
    • Electrical energy monitoring & reporting and have an energy management plan;
    • Water monitoring & reporting and have a water management plan;
    • Waste reduction/recycling monitoring & reporting and have a waste management plan;
    • A procurement policy regarding the use of environmentally friendly consumables (cleaning products, toiletry products, paper and plastic consumable products);
    • The building owner to report back to the tenants on the buildings performance relating to energy, water, waste and procurement policies.