Project Year

From 2015

SANRAL, Southern Region Office

5 Star Green Star SA - Office Design v1.1 (Achieved)

5 Star Green Star SA - Office As Built v1.1 (Targeting)


The building owner and tenant to occupy the building is South African Road Agencies SOC Limited (SANRAL. These offices are for the SANRAL regional office that governs the Eastern Cape.

The building is a reinforced concrete structure and comprises 4 levels (Lower ground floor (car/bicycle/motorbike parking), ground floor (auditorium, reception area, office area, boardrooms, kitchen serveries, store rooms, small library, gymnasium), First and second floors (office space). The remainder of the site comprises of external car parking, soft and hard landscaping.

Sustainable building features include:


  • Highly efficient VRV HVAC design with energy efficient HVAC BMS
  • 100% LED DALI lighting and occupancy sensors installed throughout the project
  • 100kWp (+- 145 000kWh/year) Photovoltaic system on the roof (covering 1260m² of roof)
  • High focus on passive design for energy efficiency
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Highly efficient irrigation design
  • Energy uses of 100kVA or greater and all major water uses are sub-metered & monitored via BMS. The energy and water information (inter alia other sustainable initiatives) also displayed to building users in foyer area via a dedicated television. This promotes awareness
  • An Independent Commissioning Agent to assist with CIBSE Commissioning and Building Tuning