Project Year

From 2015

The Towers - Redefine Redevelopment

1 Star Green Star SA - Existing Building Performance Pilot (Achieved)

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The Towers building was constructed in 1972, and refurbishment began in early 2013. This refurbishment consisted of the construction of a new parking structure between the tower blocks, a facade upgrade, the incorporation of LED lighting and sensors, and a new landscaped environment. Since the performance period used for this submission was prior to the completion of this refurbishment, future Green Star ratings are likely to be higher based on the additional energy savings.

Sustainable building features include:

  • Efficient building management policies and procedures (building operations manual, maintenance management schedule and implementation of maintenance activities).
  • Sustainable groundskeeping practices (landscape, hard surfaces, pest management plans).
  • Building management practices (building operations manual, maintenance management schedule).
  • Focus on occupant and thermal comfort by conducting occupant surveys and taking thermal comfort measurements.
  • Solid waste management (policy and audit).
  • Emissions (zero ODP refrigerants, legionella control and treatment)