Project Year

From 2015

Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre (V&A Holdings)

4 Star Green Star SA - Existing Building Performance Pilot (Achieved)


The Victoria Wharf Retail Centre forms part of the V&A Waterfront Precinct. The building was built in 1992, and has since been extended twice, by 26 500m2 in 1996, and by a further 6000m2 in 2006. It contains over 450 shops and 86 restaurants, as well as 5 undercover parking garages and 4 open parking areas. The V&A Waterfront precinct has over 24 million visitors per annum and is Africa's most visited destination. Approximately 16000 people work within the precinct.

Sustainable building features include:

  • High performance building façade and skylights, including performance glazing and rooflights Electrical sub-metering for all high energy uses (tenants, chillers, pumps, office lighting and small power etc.)
  • Energy efficient lighting design using LED for 95% of all lighting. Lighting controls in the form of occupancy and daylight sensors.
  • High performance chilled water plant Air handling units operate with economy cycle.
  • Water efficient fittings in kitchens and WC's
  • Water metering to enable monitoring and leak detection.
  • Efficient drip-irrigation system
  • Intelligent BMS monitors and controls the heating/cooling, ventilation and water usage for chillers
  • Precinct-wide:
    • Green travel plan to promote sustainable transport for staff working within the precinct
    • sustainable procurement and purchasing policies and procedures
    • sustainable groundskeeping practices
    • Committment to incorporate green leasing on renewal of all existing, and on all future, lease agreements
  • An innovative approach to precinct-wide:
    • maintenance by making use of electric maintenance vehicles
    • waste minimisation by introducing a tenant waste tarrif, whereby tenants are penalised financially for not separating waste at source
    • landscape waste management by making use of an on-site composting facility, where the compost generated is used on site
    • building and site management by operating a telephonic helpdesk system, whereby building occupants provide instantaneous feedback on any issues
    • landscape management, whereby all invasive alien vegetation is removed, and building staff are educated on the negative environmental effects of alien vegetation