Project Year

From 2015

Waterway House

5 Star Green Star SA - Office Design v1.1 (Achieved)

5 Star Green Star SA - Office As Built v1.1 (Targeting)


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The Waterway House office building is aiming to achieve a 5 Star Green Star SA Office Design and As Built v1.1 certification.

The overall strategic focus of the design team has been on potable water reduction, providing alternatives to private motorcar use, a focus on improved commissioning of building systems and energy reduction.


It is anticipated that the potable water use in the building will be approximately 60% less than the equivalent GBCSA notional building. This has been achieved through the provision of low flow fittings, harvesting of rainwater from the whole site for use in toilets, urinals and for irrigation and stored in a large concrete water tank (210 000 litres). It is anticipated that the groundwater ingress in the parking basements will be captured and filtered for reuse in the building.


In terms of alternatives to private car use, cyclist facilities for both staff and visitors have been provided as well as adequate shower and changing facilities. The site's prime location on good public transport routes means that building users have an efficient and viable alternative to private car use. The use of alternative fuel vehicles (e.g. hybrids) is also encouraged through the provision of preferred parking bays for these vehicles.


A high standard of commissioning of all the building systems has been specified together with the appointment of an Independent Commissioning Agent to ensure that the building is commissioned and operates as intended in the design. In addition, the building will be monitored and tuned throughout the first year of operation to ensure that seasonal variations in the air conditioning and lighting systems are tracked and modified to further reduce energy consumption.


Fresh air to the building has been provided at approximately 67% greater than the normal standard thus enabling building users to experience superior indoor air quality. In addition, in the design of the façade, the project team has focused on allowing increased levels of daylight to penetrate the floor plate and at the same time provide wonderful external views. It is well documented that superior indoor environmental quality will improve occupant productivity and reduce staff turnover both of which are key corporate concerns.


An appropriate and energy efficient air cooled air-conditioning system has been included together with double glazed high performance glass in the façade. The result is that energy consumption will be in the order of 25% lower than a similar notional building. At present photovoltaics are being considered for installation on the roof of Amsterdam House which could further provide 15% clean energy to the building. All building systems are monitored and controlled via a building management computer system which will allow hands on management and monitoring of the building and improve efficiencies.


The incorporation of the sustainability interventions mentioned means that a tenant occupying Waterway House benefits in that the operating costs should be significantly lower than a normal building and the experience and productivity of the occupants improved. Both these translate into a financial benefit.